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Don Allen's Digital Image Expo of Computer Graphics

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Here is a small animated banner made by a very special Princess M.S. which you may use to link to me. Remember, you can NOT remote link to any images Hosted By Tripod. Tripod has built in bandwidth preservation and does not allow this. You must save the image, then upload it to your host's server. (Trust Me)

Don Allen's Digital Image Expo


Pronounced (eX-eL-Cee-US), This is the personal site of JONATHAN HUNT, a very talented and very cool individual. Jonathan is a gifted software programmer. Jonathan's site features some cool applications for Acorn Computers (RISC OS), Beautiful POV-Ray renderings, excellent digital photography, including animated 3-D panoramic views. A very well designed site. An absolute must-see for those who appreciate good photography, and very nice graphical creations. BTW, Jonathan provides souce-code for his Pov-Ray renders for those of you who would like to learn from his examples.


Come Experience Some Great Poetry!

Come warm your hearts with some beautiful poetry.
Brenda is very gifted and talented and will find her way into your heart. The site is wonderfully crafted and very warming. Great imagery and soothing music blending seemlessly with the poetry.


Please also check out these other beautiful sites featuring the works of "Dreamwalker":
"Reflections Of My Soul"

"Healing The Hearts Of America"


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