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Don Allen's Digital Image Expo of Computer Graphics

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Here are some truly awesome 3D/Fractal graphics sites with wallpapers.
Click on a thumbnail or link to visit the site.
* I will no longer link to individual pages as I don't know when they make changes until it's too late. I hate dead links as mch as anyone.

Note: If you came to this page from a search engine, looking for Digital Blasphemy or Cognitive Distortion, this makes me very happy because they are wonderful sites; however, since you're here, why not take a look around my site? or at least bookmark me and visit later. I have 6 galleries of 3D and Fractal Art. Enjoy!!!

I link to other sites as a courtesy to the webmasters responsible for their creation. If you have a related site or know of a really good (consistent) one that you think I should link to, please let me know. & stand out amongst others I have seen, and I consider them to be de-facto benchmarks of what a site of this nature should work like. They both offer various resolution options to fit your desktop exactly.

Julia @

Alien Island @

Ocean Sunset @

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